Action Financial Services, LLC
Dedicated to Enhancing the Perception of Debt Collections within The Communities We Serve

About Us

Action Financial Services, LLC (AFS) is dedicated to recouping money for the US Department of Education (ED). We make every effort to implement best practices, enhance the lives of borrowers, and elevate the practice of debt collection in the community.

AFS makes every effort to help borrowers transfer into an affordable repayment plan where they can consolidate their student loan(s) through the Federal Direct Consolidation Program or rehabilitate their student loan(s) through the Federal Student Loan Rehabilitation Program.

Serving as a Contractor to The US Department of Education, we have passionate personnel who are thoughtful listeners and artful negotiators. They patiently communicate the importance of resolving debt and offer clear viable options. Unlike many traditional collection agencies, AFS maintains a "helpful, win-win" approach toward all parties. Our personnel are fully committed to preventative measures that avoid litigation and garnishments of employee wages.